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      2022年財政預算案 Budget 2022 Updates - Beginning of the New Normal

      2022-02-24 15:27:00

      Budget 2022 introduces measures that mark the new era as Singapore gradually emerges from the global pandemic.

      The following are some highlights:

      我國在應對冠病疫情不斷演變所帶來的挑戰之際,也必須為后冠病時代做好準備,2022 年預算案目的是給予新加坡人邁步前進的信心。 以下是大家關注的重點:

      Key updates Announced:



      1、Minimum Effective Tax Rate (METR) Regime

      1、最低實際稅率 (METR)

      Singapore will explore a TOP-UP TAX called METR Regime. This is the result of Base Erosion and Profit Shifting .(BEPS) 2.0, which is a new framework that aims to ensure a fairer distribution of taxing rights. The METR will apply to multinational enterprise (MNE) groups in Singapore that have annual revenues of at least €750 million, as reflected in the consolidated financial statements of the ultimate parent entity.

      新加坡正探討實施最低實際稅率,確保在新加坡的跨國企業補足稅款。新加坡企業稅政策必須更新,以配合“第二代防止稅基侵蝕和盈利轉移”(BEPS 2.0)的全球發展。

      國際上的BEPS 2.0倡議由兩大支柱方案組成,一是將征稅權從營運所在地轉移至客戶所在地,二是針對每年全球營收達7.5億歐元或更多的跨國企業制定15%的全球最低實際稅率。


      2、Jobs and Business Support Package


      Under the Small Business Recovery Grant, a one-off cash support will be provided to small businesses in sectors that were most affected by COVID-19 Safe Management Measures (e.g. F&B and retail sectors) in 2021. Eligible businesses will receive S$1,000 for each local employee with mandatory CPF contributions in the period from 1 November 2021 to 31 December 2021, up to a cap of S$10,000 per firm.


      In addition, Jobs Growth Incentive, which provides salary support for employers to expand local hiring from September 2020 to March 2022, will be extended to September 2022, with stepped-down rates.

      小商家復蘇津貼為餐飲、零售、旅游業等行業中2021年受影響的中小型企業提供幫助.補助特定領域(如餐飲、零售、旅游和體育等)的中小企業, 每名本地員工津貼1000元, 每家公司頂限為1萬元。

      此外, 招聘獎勵計劃, 鼓勵更多雇主聘請本地員工,原定本月到期的招聘獎勵計劃將延長多六個月至2022年9月,但津貼期限和額度將逐步減少。

      3、Changes in Minimum Qualifying Salary for Foreign workforce


      Employment Pass (EP) qualifying salaries

      Employment Pass (EP) 就業準證


      Apart from the above, there will also be progressive changes in Foreign Worker Levy (FWL) rates for S Pass and worker permit holders in certain sectors.

      除上述外, 某些行業的S準證和客工比率也將逐步變化。


      S Pass qualifying salaries



      4、Enhancements to Progressive Wages


      Progressive Wage Credit Scheme (co-funding wage increases of lower-wage workers between 2022 and 2026) will be introduced and enhancements to Progressive Wages will be made to uplift lower-wage workers.

      漸進式加薪補貼計劃簡稱 PWCS (從2022年到2026年與企業共同資助低薪員工的加薪, 分擔比率高達50%)


      5、Disclosure of company-related information for  official duties


      The IRAS will make changes to the Income Tax Act, and Goods and Services Tax Act to allow taxpayers’in formation (where consent have been provided) to be disclosed to a public officer. In addition, a prescribed list of identifiable information on companies can be disclosed to public sector agencies without the need for taxpayer’s consent.

      IRAS 將對個人所得稅和消費稅進行修改, 不需要征得納稅人的同意, 可以向公共部門機構提供納稅人的資料


      6、Increase in CPF rates for Senior Workers


      The objective of the increase is to ensure those aged above 55to 60 will have the same CPF contribution rates as younger employees. The first increase had taken place with effect from 1 January 2022. The second increase shall take place with effect from 1 January 2023, and so on.

      年滿55歲員工的公積金基本存款額將在下來5年逐步調高,每年的調幅度為3.5%,助年長者增加退休儲蓄。雇主和員工的總繳交綠增加1.5 至2個百分點。過渡性公積金抵消計劃協助雇主承擔2023年一般增幅。2023年至2027年,基本存款額每年調整幅度為3.5%。



      7、Increase in personal income tax


      rates from Year of Assessment 2024 For Tax Residents, there will be new income tiers and rates for income in excess of $500,000 and S$1,000,000.For Non-Tax Residents, tax rate on certain incomes will  increase from 22% to 24%

      對于納稅居民, 超過500,000新元和1,000,000新元的收入將有新的收入等級和稅率。對于非納稅居民, 某些收入的稅率將從22%提高到24%。


      8、GST rate hikes & Increase in property tax rates

      8、GST 消費稅&房產稅上調







      9、Enhancement of Tax Incentive scheme for Fund Managed by Singapore-based Fund Manager


      For investments in physical Investment Precious Metals (“IPMs”), the cap will be revised to 5% for incentive awards under Sections 13D/O/U of the Income Tax Act, and the incidental condition will be removed.

      對于實物投資金屬 (IPM)的投資,根據所得稅法第13D/O/U條, 獎勵的上限將修改為5%, 附帶條件將被取消。



      10、Luxury vehicle taxes


      There will be a new Additional Registration Fee (“ARF”) tier for cars with portion of Open Market Value in excess of S$80,000.



      11、Change in basis of zero-rating for travel arranging services


      From 1 January 2023, zero-rating will only apply to travel arranging services where:

      i. The contractual customer belongs outside Singapore; and

      ii. The direct beneficiary belongs outside Singapore or is GST-registered in Singapore.



      12、Increase in carbon tax


      There will be progressive increase in carbon tax from S$5 per tonne to range of S$50 to S$80 per tonne during the years between 2023 and 2030. Carbon tax is applicable to Singapore’s biggest emitters, including much of the country's export-oriented refining and petrochemical sectors.



      If you require assistance to understand how Budget 2022 can help you and your business, or if there are other topics that you may wish to understand better, please feel free to reach out to us for further discussions.

      如果您需要了解2022年預算如何幫助您和您的企業, 或者您可能希望更好地了解其他主題, 請隨時與我們聯系。

      聯系人: FAC Assurance PAC Chartered Accountants of Singapore
      電話: +65-63339739
      傳真: +65-63339769
      Email: admin@facassurance.com
      微信: faithfulaccounting
      地址: 111 North Bridge Road, #25-01 Peninsula Plaza, Singapore 179098



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